Made in America

We chose to spend more on our materials to proudly say we use American wheneer possible. When we can't find something Made in America we make it ourselves or find a sustainable supplier.

Our single and 2-color posters are printed by hand in our factory in Detroit. We handle all of our own shipping and fulfillment at our factory as well. When you order from us it's our hands placing it in the box with care.

Most of our shirts come from Royal Apparel headquarted in New York. Their factories are exclusively in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This is especially impressive in an industry that's only 3% Made in America.

Our paper stock comes from French Paper in Niles, Michigan where they've been making quality paper products for over 150 years.

Our screenprinted shirts are printed by Wethouse Printing by our good friend Aaron Cummins and his family. Their attention to detail is impeccable. We get our screens made by Ocelot Print Shop in Detroit who offers tons of community print resources at affordable prices.

We choose to work with local suppliers because we desire to keep our dollars, ingenuity, and manufacturing power within our communities. This may not matter to everyone but it matters a great deal to us.