Our Mission

>>> Our mission is to revive a once-great car factory in Detroit with thriving jobs that pay a thriving wage worked by industrious people who want to build the future together.

We'll do this by launching the next great American car company.

I grew up watching these hulking factories slowly sink into the earth only to be torn down unceremoniously -- a plot of land left behind like there was never anything there. All the stories of innovations created, processes refined, lives lived, all gone. Jobs shipped away somewhere far away to eek out a shred more margin in the short term. Profitable now, ruinous later.

What's worse is these factories we've lost were useful places. Factories are tools we use to make better lives for ourselves and our community. They're the place where we get together to build tomorrow.

This disposable culture is the norm right now - but it doesn't have to be.

We're going to get this great factory operational again and on the double. No waiting around for the winds to change or hoping some politician makes our dreams come true. We're putting hammer to nail and brick to beam as we get this resource back online for working people everywhere.

First, simple products. Shirts and posters and stickers. We're doing these immediately so we can turn the lights back on and begin hiring great people.

Then, fantastic creations of metal, cloth, glass, and rubber. We're building a car company and we want you to be a part of it. I know, wild.

If you're in, sign up fo THE CREW today and check out our well-made products that fuel our mission.

We can do this. Really.

Andy Didorosi
Founder, Mutiny + THE CREW