Values and Principles

These are the values and principles we set forth to guide The Crew.

0. Mutual respect. Everyone shall treat other Crew members, members of the larger community, and all others as equals. You have a responsibility to the community around you to represent the ideals of The Crew.

1. All skill levels are welcome. 
The Crew exists to teach and to learn. We lift up those of us who have not learned a skill yet. We do not gatekeep.

2. Immediacy. The problems we face today are urgent and immediate issues. We must act as though time is precious and fleeting.

3. Buy Local. We will procure all of our materials and labor from our community including Detroit, Michigan, and the United States of America. If we cannot find someone locally we make it ourselves or we will not sell it.

4. Thriving wage for thriving work. We shall always pay a thriving wage for all work rendered for-hire. We will only work with suppliers who pay a similar thriving wage.

5. All knowledge is useful. At the core of The Crew is the utility of both teaching and learning. We will never charge for the exchange of skills and knowledge.

6. Profits are another tool, not an end goal.
We make profits work for us to pay thriving wages, provide exceptional quality products, and extend benefits to our community. Profits are not the only goal but must be respected in reasonable measure. We only spend according to our means.